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Paper in Science »
A Neural Marker of Perceptual Consciousness in Infants.

Paper on the Smartphone Brain Scanner »
The Smartphone Brain Scanner: A Mobile Real-time Neuroimaging System paper in ArXiv.

• ISBI'13 paper »
A Hierarchical Bayesian M/EEG Imaging Method Correcting for Incomplete Spatio-temporal priors. Accepted at ISBI 2013.

SBS2 platform released »
The Smartphone Brain Scanner2 (SBS2) has been released as open-source, visit the SBS2 home.

FTP PostDoc Grant »
2.1 mio DKK from the Danish Research Council for Independent Research | Technology and Production Sciences.



On this page a list of my collaborators and some nice neuro and machine learning tools can be found.



Lars Kai Hansen (DTU Compute)

Sid Kouider (Ecole Normale Supèrieure , DTU Compute)

Ole Winther (DTU Compute)

Morten Mørup (DTU Compute)

Arkadiusz Stopczynski (DTU Compute)

Jakob Eg Larsen (DTU Compute)

Michael Kai Petersen (DTU Compute)

Sofie Therese Hansen (DTU Compute)

Hartwig Siebner (DRCMR - Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre)

Damian Herz (DRCMR - Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre)

Sofie V. Gelskov (DRCMR - Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre)

Mads Dyrholm (University of Copenhagen - CVC)

Hagai T. Attias (Convex Imaging)

Srikantan S. Nagarajan (UCSF - Biomagnetic Imaging Lab)

David Wipf (Microsoft Research Asia, )

Julia P. Owen (UCSF - Biomagnetic Imaging Lab)

Leonardo Barbosa (Ecole Normale Supèrieure, Paris)


Neuro Tools

BrainStorm - EEG and MEG

BrainSuite - sMRI

BrainVisa - sMRI



FieldTrip - EEG and MEG

FreeSurfer - sMRI and fMRI

FSL - sMRI, fMRI, and DTI

Neuroclub (a EEG pipeline which makes use of EEGLAB and SPM8) - EEG, fMRI

Neuronic (qEEGT, iMagic, BRainbow, BET viewer) - EEG, NIRs


Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM) - fMRI, PET, SPECT, EEG, and MEG


Machine Learning Tools

DTU ICA-toolbox